Investing in NFTs

June 6, 2022

Join us for a discussion of the latest trends in HNW investors seeking opportunities in the emerging field of NFTs.

The session will provide a good introduction for advisors seeking to know more about this area. The discussion will include:

What are you buying?

What creates value?

How might you establish fair value?

How can investors protect themselves?

What are the possibilities and applications for NFTs in the future?

How will the NFT market develop in the future?

We are delighted to be joined by:

Ben Small - Head of Partnerships at GlobalBlock, London.

Fred Clark - Associate at Boodle Hatfield, London.

Lizzie Williams - Senior Associate & Solicitor Advocate at Harbottle & Lewis, London.

Siobhan Moret - Director of Marketing at Saffery Champness Offshore, Geneva.